It’s time for our NFL Suicide Pool picks for Week 10.  Still in an NFL Survivor Pool?  Then survive one week longer, with our week 9 NFL Suicide Pool Tips.

It’s always tough at this stage, with 9 teams gone.  Rather than provide 5 or 6 recommendations, we will be providing picks for every game.  This will be in order of the favourites – so the first team on the list is the most favoured to win, and so forth.

Here are your NFL Suicide Pool Picks for Week 10:

  • Vikings vs Lions: Vikings
  • Saints vs Rams: Saints
  • Cowboys vs Packers: Cowboys
  • Dolphins vs Buccanneers: Dolphins
  • Cardinals vs Seahawks: Cardinals
  • Redskins vs Broncos: Broncos
  • Panthers vs Falcons: Panthers
  • Jets vs Jaguars: Jets
  • Steelers vs Bengals: Steelers
  • Chiefs vs Raiders: Chiefs
  • Colts vs Patriots: Patriots
  • Chargers vs Eagles: Eagles
  • Browns vs Ravens: Ravens
  • 49ers vs Bears: Bears

Good luck this week in your NFL Suicide Pools.  I’m out of all mine sadly, after forgetting to make my picks last week in the 3 remaining ones.  One of them had a $20k prize pool.  Oops 🙁