Just a reminder that we’re running a special Week 7 contest for the NFL.  It’s very simple – you get $1,000 in contest points and bet them.  The people with the top 3 contest points amount at the end of Week 7 will win cash prizes of $100, $75 and $50.  It’s very easy, free, and takes just a couple of minutes!

1: Sign up at Bet Revolution
2: Redeem the code DDANSC07 at BetRevolution.com to get $1,000 Contest point.
3: Place your bets like you would regularly but select Contest Points instead. All NFL Lines Open.

That’s it!

Placing bets is very easy – a couple of people weren’t sure and asked me so here’s how you do it:

1: Go to the Sportsbook, click NFL on the left or use this direct link
2: Click the bets you want to make. ie: Click on Rams +3.
3: In the bet slip on the right, click “Straights” if you want individual bets, or “Parlay” if you want an accumulator for bigger risk.
4: Change Balance: USD to Balance: Contests Points
5: In the box for “Bet”, put the amount of contest points you want to bet for each pick, then click “Bet All”.
#6: Click “Confirm All” to confirm your bets.