Hi guys,

We’re back for another week of the computer generated NFL Betting Tips.

We have a lot of new subscribers this season so just to clarify a few things – all of our tips are always free. We’re doing these for ourselves and betting them for ourselves – so sharing them with you guys is no big deal.

All of these picks are based on various computer simulations that we run – some very simple, some complex then we’ll compare the results and go from there based on the majority, and as long as there is no conflicting information in the simulations.

Let’s get to the NFL Betting Tips for Week 5:

Chargers vs Jets:

We’re going to go with Chargers -7 here and we’d recommend jumping on that one ASAP. It’s currently +105 which is a nice price – very possible that line will move to 7.5.

Chargers are a lethal team who have been excellent all season. Jets are just complacement all across the board. The Chargers are coming off a bye week, and this will be a massive game for them.

Go with Chargers -7.

Broncos vs Cardinals:

We like two lines here – Cardinals at +7.5 and Over 48 points.

Cardinals have had some big wins over the 9ers, Giants and Chargers. Broncos have struggled and can’t win more than a touchdown in the two wins they’ve had.

However Broncos possess the ability to blow a team out so we’re going to go with Over 48 points in this one and stick with that.

Over 48 points for these two strong offensive teams.

Steelers vs Jaguars:

Jaguars are one of those teams you have to keep betting against until they show they have something to offer.

4 massive losses in a row – not even coming close to anyone. Steelers had that big loss against the Bucks last week which was an embarassment – our system likes them to bounce back hard.

Steelers -7.

Giants vs Falcons:

The big thing was the Giants early on was they kept promising things would work out. They’re on a roll right now and based on the last two games, our system says to take them. Giants -4.