Welcome to the return of the NFL season, and of course the NFL computer generated picks!

It feels like forever since the Saints won their first Superbowl earlier this year. I still remember sitting with a bunch of Colts fans at half-time and taking their action as the Colts were up 10-6, then sitting back and laughing with glee as the Saints came out and ran all over them.

Ah, good times.

And of course we are back with the computer generated picks. If you’re a new visitor then let me briefly explain: all these picks are generated by our computer system. The system is fed lots and lots of data, then calculates the odds of a team covering a particular point spread, as well as the over/under and so on.

These picks are all free. I would never charge for picks, I would never promise a “10 unit lock” or any of that nonsense. I’ve made lots of money with my betting systems, and I hope to make you the same money. Good karma and all that.

Now as it’s week 1, we really don’t have much in the way of picks this week due to not having enough data. It’s not until around Week 6 or Week 7 that we actually get to the picks. With that said, the computer system has the following pick for us this week:

Baltimore Ravens vs Jets: Jets -2

Don’t worry – as time goes on we’ll have lots more picks as the weeks pass.

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Good luck in Week 1!