It’s Week 3, and we’re back with the NFL Computer Generated Betting Tips.

We should also note that is using our computer systems this year as well. We have granted them access to our databases.

Everything over there is free too which is great. With us, we pretty much JUST use the computer systems while they take that data, compare it to their own and add a lot of their own professional analysis to it. So they’re going to have a lot of winners this season.

Anyway – Week 3. Here’s what we’re looking at this week:

Vikings vs Falcons: Falcons -3. Computer system thinks it would be a tough game even with Adrian Peterson. Without him? Falcons should win. Of course we have Teddy Bridgewater and that’s going to be restoring some of the Vikings confidence – a fresh start and all that. But it’s going to be a lot to rely on Teddy this week and so our system likes the Falcons.

Eagles vs 49ers: The system likes the Eagles to main their 100% record. The +4.5 just adds to that. The 9ers are looking weird this season and our system has Kaepernick ranked fairly low. It thinks the Eagles will continue to lead the NFC East and get the win here. Bet the Eagles with the points – and expect them to lose in the first half then dominate the second as seems par for the course.

Buccaneers vs Steelers: Finally, the system likes the Steelers here. The -7.5 isn’t a great line, but in a tough AFC Division this is a big game for the Steelers and one they need to win.

So to recap – the system recommends Falcons -3, Eagles +4.5 and finally Steelers -7.5, although you may want to wait and see if you can get rid of that annoying half point.

Good luck this week y’all.